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How do you like to mark another trip around the sun?

Updated: 6 days ago

We recently celebrated the Fourth of July, a symbolic birthday for the United States. But how do you celebrate your birthday?

Many celebrate the United States’ birth date with fireworks, food, and fanfare. It’s a way of showing appreciation for all that was lost as well as what was gained. If you have survived to have another birthday, and if you are reading this then you most certainly have, then you too should celebrate all that you have gone through to get to this moment. You deserve to honor yourself on your special day and commemorate what you have achieved.

Here are some ways to give yourself a proper day of observance:

Treat Yourself: In the words of two characters on the Parks and Recreations show, you deserve to “Treat Yo Self,” on your birthday. This can include a tangible gift for yourself, planning a fun event, or allowing yourself a particular food you reserve for special occasions. You deserve to give yourself some love.

Give Yourself a Birthday Card: Give yourself a sweet or funny birthday card. Go to the store and pick out a card that says what you feel about yourself or a card that you would want someone else to give you. Write yourself a kind message just as you would to a family member or friend. Try keeping the cards over the years and revisit them. They will help you remember what you have achieved, and you may be pleasantly surprised by how you've grown and changed.

A Day to Check In: Your birthday is the perfect accountability measure as you have one every year. It’s a great time to check in with yourself and your goals. Note all your accomplishments for the year no matter how big or small and what you would like to achieve for the following year. This is a great time for journaling about you.

Reminisce: Think back to all the birthdays you have had and choose your favorite one. What was great about it? The goal is to focus on that happy feeling and be grateful for that experience.

Take The Day Off: I personally believe everyone should have their birthday off. If you are able, take the day off from work to have a special day for you. Decide what you want to do and don’t let others tell you how you should spend it. If you want a day away from family and friends to celebrate that is ok. It’s your choice to involve who you want, and it can be a great lesson to others that it’s important to value yourself and you’ll do just that.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your birthday it’s important to value and love yourself and there is no better day than the day you were born. Whether it’s cake, balloons, firecrackers, a shopping spree, beach day, fancy restaurant, a present, a party, or a day to yourself, you deserve to mindfully connect with who you are and how you got here.


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