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Therapy for Professionals

Seek professional guidance and embark on a path of self-discovery.


Are you tired of the hustle, stress,

extreme expectations,

not feeling good enough,

strain on your relationships,

and burnout?

Every professional at every level has challenges they face and self-improvements they can make. With over 20 years of therapeutic experience, Dr K has helped people from every walk of life to realize themselves and their potential. Seek help understanding yourself, your coworkers/boss/or employees, and understand a healthy path to your aspirations.

Dr K Life Therapy can help you.

Business professionals such as entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, attorneys, and workplace professionals

Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals

Stressed Man

Workplace stress can lead to:

*health problems*anxiety, *stress,

*sleep trouble, *emotional eating, *addictions

*depression, *chronic pain, *relationship issues

*missed workdays, *issues in productivity

*self-esteem issues, *burnout.




Balance the demands of your career
with the care you deserve
through Dr K Life therapy.

Check out Life Coaching page to see if coaching or therapy

are a better fit for you. 


If you want to...

Thrive in your career and personal life 

Elevate your performance and well-being

Unlock your full potential and achieve greater success

Empower yourself to navigate professional challenges and work stress


Dr. K Life Therapy is here for you on your journey to personal
and career fulfillment.

Life therapy can help to address...

Professional burnout/Compassion fatigue,
Coping with job demands,
Bullying or discrimination in the job, Communication issues with others,
Imposter syndrome/Fear of failing,
Problems with motivation and follow through,
Time management and procrastination,
Work-life balance,
Using substances or engaging in
other addictive behaviors to manage stress,
Developing physical symptoms/illness 

Fall back in love or find meaning in your work

Let’s talk

Skip the rush hour, embrace well-being: Telehealth puts your health within easy reach, so you can prioritize self-care.

Why wait
to unlock your
full potential?

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