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  Dr K Life Therapy can help you love yourself, your life, and your future.

Start your journey today!

Serving most states

Health and Wellness Therapy and Coaching Services

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Dr K

Collaborate in making an active plan

Improve well-being with coping tools

Challenge negativity thinking to be more present

Focus on healing and leave your past behind

A holistic approach as we focus on you as a person rather than as a pathology

Do you want to feel more satisfied, hopeful, healthy, motivated, or fulfilled? 

Do you no longer want to feel burned out, sick, tired, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or in crisis?

If you are struggling with any of these issues, or simply want to live a happier and more purposeful life, Life Therapy can help.

Life therapy is a journey of self-discovery and growth. It is a solution-focused approach. Instead of dwelling on problems, Dr. K will help you learn the tools and skills to overcome them.


It is a collaborative team based approach as Dr. K acts like a therapist, coach, and guide.   

Telehealth for Convenience, Comfort, and Accessibility.  You can see an expert, Dr. K, without having the stress of rushing to an appointment and you'll have no commute.

With Dr. K you not only get a Psychologist but also an Expert and a Coach.

Dr. K has a certificate in Health and Wellness from Harvard Medical School, is a Lifestyle Medicine Advocate, and Hypnotherapist.

Skip the commute and prioritize your well-being: 

Eliminate travel time with telehealth and invest in activities that fuel your health and happiness.

Dr K Life Therapy helps: Adults, Professionals, and those suffering from Health issues, Pain, Work and Life Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Eating.

Dr K Life Therapy uses: Coaching and Specialized Psychological Therapies to facilitate change.


Dr K Life Therapy Specializations:  

*Coping with health, weight loss, chronic pain  *Burnout and Fatigue  *Stress management  *Anxiety, Trauma, Depression  *Life Transitions  *Self-Esteem  *Personal Growth  *Work stress​​


Enjoying the Nature

  If you are ready to start your journey, reach out to get started!

See below and check out our pages to learn more.

To learn more about Life Therapy click here.

Online Medical Consultant

Holistic Health Psychology

Chronic Pain, Mind-Body Health,        Sleep Issues, Bariatric Counseling, Emotional Eating, Fibromyalgia,

Anxiety/Depression issues related to illness, Fear of doctor/surgery

Hand Holding Out

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

Feeling stuck? Accelerate your progress with ART! ART reprograms the way in which distressing images and memories are stored in the brain so they no longer trigger emotional and physical reactions so you can move forward. Some issues treated:

-Anxiety  -Trauma  -Feeling triggered

-Depression  -Pain issues  -Stress

-Emotional overreactions  -Grief  

Work Desk

Therapy for Professionals

Business Professionals,  Entrepreneurs,


Young Professionals, Business Owners,

Health Care Professionals,


Burnout, Imposter Syndrome, Work/Career Stress

Listening to Music


Hypnotherapy produces a calming peaceful state that includes pleasant feelings of deep relaxation and concentration to facilitate change. You are in complete control as your mind and body work together to find solutions to produce change and feel better. 


 - Anxiety  -Pain  -Sleep  -Stress     -Self Esteem   - Performance         -Motivation  -Confidence               -Weight issues, Emotional Eating 

At the Psychologist


Stress Management, Worry, Anxiety,  Trauma symptoms, Adjustment Issues, Grief, Racing Thoughts, Panic attacks, Feeling fearful, Avoidance behaviors, Self-Esteem Issues

Together at the Top

Life Coaching

Have specific goals but you just can't get going or stay consistent? Life coaching will help you focus on

your personal and professional goals. It does not address mental health issues and is present and goal focused. 

-Skill and Performance Enhancement 

-Personal Growth and Improvement

-Career Goal Setting  -Exercise goals

-Work Life Balance   -Diet goals

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Licensed in Florida and serving PSYPACT States.

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